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Yeah, I know, Boston doesn't have a monopoly on thunderstorms. However, since I decided to move it seems that Thor has decided to take pity on me and come to Boston for a thunder-filled vacation so I can enjoy one my #1 type of weather all the time. The thunderstorms here are very different from the ones in Seattle - it's bolt lightning instead of sheet lightning and they come on and then leave very quickly, usually accompanied by pouring rain.

Thunderstorms are also very hard to take pictures of. Yesterday I was headed out to Allston to meet [ profile] kale_eater when it started raining hard:


That's the blue sky through the window of the T. Then our train stopped due to "power problems" and we all had to get off. And the sky went dark:


The thunderstorm was right overhead and quite impressive, even though I didn't manage to get any pictures. I should have taken a video so you could at least hear the thunder!

I found out much later that the "power problems" may have been due to lightning that struck the train power lines up the street a ways, although that also might have been after our train stopped as I did still see trains running the other way after ours was stopped and the thunderstorm seemed to be moving towards the place where the lightning struck, not coming from there.

In any case it was pretty impressive.
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I don't know if there's any better way to solidify my desire to move back to Seattle than what happened today.

I arrived back in Boston from the balmy mid-40s weather of Seattle (complete with a bit of pouring rain) tired and dragging a suitcase, to find the same snow that I left here two weeks ago and a high of 11 degrees today.

Um... yeah. Walking home in 9 degrees feels like -5 (gotta love the wind chill) is not made at all better by the fact that it is bright and sunny.

And least the kitties are happy to see me.
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I hate hot weather. I really would prefer that it was 70 to 75 all year round. I don't even care that 75 is a bit cold to go to the beach. Maybe, for those beach goers, there could be some sort of climate-controlled outdoor heat tent around the beach and they could raise the temp to like 82 or something.

I realize that Boston is not *that* hot according to some crazy freaks who live in places like Arizona (!) where I don't think anyone should ever attempt to live. At the moment it is only 89 degrees here in Boston, although with our glorious humidity it feels like 95. And today the humidity is only 53%. (I have a bad habit of checking the weather channel website to validate my discomfort when I get home and want to abolish the sun*.)

Tomorrow the forecast says the high will be 80, and if so I shall be very glad for the bit of a respite in our sauna of a state.

*Please note that my desire to abolish the sun has a long history - I've been threatening that since high school at least.
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Thursday night I joined [ profile] caflygrl and [ profile] orionnebula and a few others to go see A Midsummer Night's Dream on the common. It was very good, although the interpretive dance of the fairies frightened me a bit. It is a section that is a good spot for creative interpretation in the play, and their interpretation was certainly creative! The fairies were wearing bright fluffy pants and capes in neon colors and dancing rather erratically.

Friday after work I met up with Andreas and [ profile] grateblue2 to go to The Garment District to pick up clothes for the '80s party we're attending tonight. I decided to go '80s punk instead of just general '80s so I picked up an old faded band T-shirt and cut off the sleeves and neckline, a pair of black jeans which I cut some artful "rips" in before I threw it in the wash today to make them fray, and pretty plastic earrings and a matching bracelet, and some hot pink fishnet gloves. I also bought some black lace up shoes that remind me of ballet flats. Sadly I had forgotten that I already bought black and white striped sneakers with charms on them on Thursday, and I think those are the ones that will make it to the party. I'm also throwing on one of the lovely skull wristers that [ profile] grateblue2 knit for me and my normal wallet chain, and my spiked collar if I can find it. I wish I still had my dog chain with the padlock, but oh well...

Today I did laundry in between spurts of *very* heavy rain - it's been thunderstorming all day with intermittent flash floods. Soon I can leave to go to [ profile] grateblue2's and get ready for the party. :)


Dec. 4th, 2005 09:32 pm
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Did I forget to mention the snow today. OK, I'll make up for it:

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Yeah, snow is here.
Photo 53.jpg

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Well, the not-quite-cold that I had on Friday has turned into an actual cold. I feel crummy and I am personally a very cranky sick person, so this is not good. Tomorrow morning I must teach my section, so I'll be getting up bright and early to go do just that. I'll probably go home in the early afternoon, however, because I need to get better. I have to do various important school-type things this week.

I was going to watch an episode of Smallville (Thursday's, that I haven't watched yet) before bed. I think I'll just skip that and get to bed early - I need my rest and my head is hurting.

As for the trip, it was great. Friday after school/lab I headed home with Jessica. Nicole came to her house to meet us and we headed towards New York. The plan was to work on my sweater in the car, but it was raining horribly and I couldn't do it in the dark. So I mostly just chatted with Nicole. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and continued on to Jacob's aunt's house in New York. Once there Nicole and I worked on my sweater, but it was late and we had no safety pins and quickly went to bed. In the morning we drove (not very far) to Rhinebeck. It was raining when we got there, but it cleared up pretty quickly and we didn't need coats or sweaters at all! I got some lovely sock yarn and some roving to spin and stayed within my budget.

On the way home we stopped at Friendly's (like Denny's, but with ice cream) and had dinner. I had grilled cheese. :) Then we had sundaes, and the cute waiter guy gave us (me?) a whole bowl of maraschino cherries. (I say me not because I'm conceited, but because I said I liked them when he asked if he should take them off the sundaes.) Luckily I don't get carsick because that would have been far from pretty.

Today I just stayed home and watched Roswel and knittedl, wallowing in my sickness. ;)


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