Jan. 3rd, 2008

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I don't know if there's any better way to solidify my desire to move back to Seattle than what happened today.

I arrived back in Boston from the balmy mid-40s weather of Seattle (complete with a bit of pouring rain) tired and dragging a suitcase, to find the same snow that I left here two weeks ago and a high of 11 degrees today.

Um... yeah. Walking home in 9 degrees feels like -5 (gotta love the wind chill) is not made at all better by the fact that it is bright and sunny.

And least the kitties are happy to see me.
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Wednesday was a great end to the trip. I slept in a bit, had a lovely scone for breakfast, and listened to a bit of music before meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] wayitgoes for some yarn and lunch. We headed to Weaving Works where I found some really awesome sock yarn that looks (and may be) handspun. It wasn't too expensive so I picked up a skein. Then we headed to Thai-ger Room for lunch.

Once upon a time when I was in college, tons of people told me how much they liked Thai-ger Room so Robb and I went there one night for dinner, being the Thai food lovers that we are. That time the food wasn't good - in fact it tasted like burnt barbecue and I wondered if everyone I knew had horrible taste and/or didn't know what Thai food was.

So when [livejournal.com profile] wayitgoes said she really liked it I decided I would be up for another try - and I wasn't disappointed this time. It was quite good.

After that she was kind enough to drop me off on Broadway where I met Robb to go see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, which was playing at The Egyptian Theater. We had been waiting for it to play somewhere accessible - it was a really limited release but both of us loved the book so we were really glad to find it playing in Seattle where we could even go see it together! As expected it was an amazing movie.

Afterward we went and picked up my stuff and then headed to Bamboo Garden to have a final dinner with [livejournal.com profile] hibrian. At dinner the boys asked whether I liked Juno or Diving Bell better - I don't think the two movies can be compared so I successfully avoided having an opinion on that. ;)

After dinner I headed to the airport, made it through security, and left on my uneventful flight back to Boston.


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