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The tech support person just told me "Yes...Because prevent the privacy and security of your account.."

Thankfully for you after 45 minutes of online-support-chatting to this person when they could *still* not understand what I was calling about, I finally called and got someone better on the phone. I don't know if this person is male or female, but we'll just call it a he.

So, after I explain that I've set up my modem/router and the DSL light is blinking and I can't get online he asks me what kind of Windows I'm running and what router. I tell him (these seem normal questions). Then he asks a very poorly phrased question which seems to amount to whether I'm talking to him on my computer. I say "What?" and he says he means am I chatting with him on my computer. I tell him yes. Then he pauses for a very very long time so I tell him I am not connected through my Verizon internet. He pauses again, then asks how many computers I have. I tell him I have one, there is another one in the house. He asks if I am connnected through my router. Um, NO, as I said my connection is not working I am connected through a neighbor's wireless connection.

Is my computer at home?

I don't know why this dude is so obsessed with the location, type, and number of computers I own but at this point it had been 45 minutes and he still didn't grasp the problem (DSL LIGHT BLINKING) so I asked to speak with someone else. He said he would be glad to help me. I said I would really like to speak to someone else. He gave me the number of phone support (the worst part is that I couldn't get the phone support number through the Verizon website because their website is so high tech it doesn't support Vista!). I start calling phone support and he says he'd like one chance to help me.

One chance. Ha ha! So I tell him "OK, I am at home with my computer but I am connected through my neighbor's wireless connection and my Verizon connection isn't working."

And you know what?

He totally chat-hung-up on me. THE JERK!
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I have a bit of a temper. Those of you who know me will know that I'm very happy-go-lucky. I'm content about 95% of the time. I'm slightly whiney about 4% of the time, and the other 1%, well... watch out!

So this is why it's a good think I don't have super powers. See, if I was like Clark on Smallville there would be at least one very smooshed lady. When I was in P-town in a little antique shop with my friend, I met this awful woman. See, the aisles were really really narrow (it was a crowed antique shop, what else would you expect?) and I was calmly walking down an aisle toward my friend. This aisle was big enough for only one person at a time. Well, aforementioned woman decided that she wanted to get out of the shop via the same aisle, so what does she do? Does she say "Excuse me" like a sane person? No, she shoves me over and into an antique dresser, because really that's what you do when someone is in your way.

So I mumble something along the lines of "You didn't have to push me!" and her husband says "Well you weren't trying to get out of the way!"

At that point if I were a super hero I probably would have thrown the both of them against a wall, breaking many valuable antiques. Which is why it's a good thing that I'm not.


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