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My lovely sister [ profile] meli88 taught me this Greek expression, which has now been getting liberal, and only occasionally appropriate, usage around the house.

My best explanation is thus:

Your ex (or something similar, at any rate someone you are not currently involved with but perhaps were in the past) suddenly decides that they really *do* like / love / want you and decides to contact you. This often occurs late at night, when they are drunk, or both. In my experience it is more likely to occur near the holidaze or your birthday, especially if you haven't heard from said person recently. The kicker is that it is almost always ill-advised and often even the person who has the flash doesn't have the same feelings in the morning / when they sober up.

Apparently when someone makes this sort of contact, the Greeks say they "had a flash". I have tried to use it as a verb, but "flashing" someone just doesn't have the same meaning. ;)

Sadly I have never had a flash. I have been on the receiving end of flashes many a time, and primarily from two people in particular. Sometime I would like to have a flash, but I don't think it counts if it's planned and also the only person I would currently try it on will most likely have a flash of his own sometime this week, so maybe I should just wait.

Then in a car "Call Me When You're Sober" by Evanescence came on and I realized that this too is a song about someone having a flash. :)

Just figured I should share this piece of brilliance with all of you.


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