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I have music that is associated with specific people in (or no longer in) my life. Some of it for logical reasons and some of it just because.

Sneaker Pimps always makes me think of [ profile] halchedog

[ profile] nerdcoop gets most Fear Factory and Deftones

the KSB gets Silverchair - this one for totally illogical reasons

Metric makes me think of [ profile] hibrian

Brit gets Audioslave.

And, of course, Robb has all sorts of musical associations which is what happens when you know someone for so long and they have so much influence on your musical taste.

Dragons! Adopt one today!
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"... other friends, we have conversations that don't involve dice."

"Goth reflectors!"

"Thank you Thor for giving me IKEA."
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I've been really antsy lately, coming up with all sorts of plans for new knitting projects, self improvement, room organization, road trips, etc. I get this way sometimes, not content to leave my life the way it is and convinced that a change, any change, will help things.

I want to sew a Sally dress for Halloween. Cathy said she would help me. I want to go to XMortis on the Friday before Valentine's Day for a gothalicious night of, well, indulging my inner goth princess. I have decided I want to try out Cathy's dance class some Monday night. I want to travel to Europe (you know, in all my free vacation time after sock camp and the cruise to Alaska and my sister's wedding...)

And I still want to move across the country, back to Seattle. While talking to my mom the other night she even told me she has lots of time off this year and would be willing to fly over and rent a U-haul and drive back with stuff and kitties. I might just have to take her up on that offer.

Is it the new year that makes me restless this way? I'd say so (yeah, last year I was going to IKEA to find ways to organize my underwear), but then again there was that whole thing in September. Maybe it's just getting older? I don't know and it's too late to start contemplating now.

In any case, I'm restless and ready for a change.


Dec. 5th, 2005 11:47 pm
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I have many friends that are in the middle of weddings, getting engaged, etc. It makes me think. People's bridesmaids are their best friends from high school or earlier. I worry if/when I get married I won't have any. Luckily with two sisters I have built-in bridesmaids. Because otherwise...

Let's take a tally:

Best Friends from elementary, middle, and freshman year of high school:

Jennifer - no idea, we were 8 or something
Stefanie - now barely an acquaintence
Maya - as far as I know she's living in Australia, haven't talked to her in any way since May 2004

So that goes through the first year of high school, how about beyond?

Sophomore year: [ profile] robb54 um... male... and that's only the beginning

Junior year and above: still [ profile] robb54, [ profile] hibrian (Also male, and too tall to be a bridesmaid anyway. I don't want to look like a dwarf OK!)


Insert male friends from above, [ profile] chrssybr

Beyond College:

[ profile] kale_eater

OK, there's two, maybe. I guess it's going to be a small wedding party. Good thing I don't have any brothers.
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I own a lot of underwear...

A lot. Enough that counting it is a daunting task and I haven't done it.

The other day while talking to Brit he made a comment about not wanting to do laundry, and possibly contemplating reusing items of clothing like socks and underwear so one wouldn't have to do laundry.

I told him that this would never happen to me. I have that much underwear. In fact, his reassuring comment to my "I have so much underwear it's not even funny!" was "Well, actually, that is funny."

If there was some sort of crisis that prevented washing underwear or buying new underwear, I could still last well over two months without wearing a pair for more than one day. Probably three months. In fact, it is quite likely I would die from whatever crisis was going on before I ran out of clean underwear - from lack of food or water or freezing to death because the electricity ran out, or something.
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Well, it's been a good trip. Much fun was had, much favorite places were visited. I didn't get to do all the things I wanted, or see all the people I wanted, but I'll be back in a month and hopefully I can do it all again then.

[ profile] hibrian has been my savior, providing much entertainment and companionship and all that. Far beyond the call of duty. And tonight the poor boy has to eat dinner with me again!

I'll be heading out early tomorrow morning, back to Boston which is surprisingly much warmer, to be with my cats, and my lab, and my school-knitting-girls and all that.

I miss Seattle. I don't think Boston will ever be home to me.
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I have a bit of a temper. Those of you who know me will know that I'm very happy-go-lucky. I'm content about 95% of the time. I'm slightly whiney about 4% of the time, and the other 1%, well... watch out!

So this is why it's a good think I don't have super powers. See, if I was like Clark on Smallville there would be at least one very smooshed lady. When I was in P-town in a little antique shop with my friend, I met this awful woman. See, the aisles were really really narrow (it was a crowed antique shop, what else would you expect?) and I was calmly walking down an aisle toward my friend. This aisle was big enough for only one person at a time. Well, aforementioned woman decided that she wanted to get out of the shop via the same aisle, so what does she do? Does she say "Excuse me" like a sane person? No, she shoves me over and into an antique dresser, because really that's what you do when someone is in your way.

So I mumble something along the lines of "You didn't have to push me!" and her husband says "Well you weren't trying to get out of the way!"

At that point if I were a super hero I probably would have thrown the both of them against a wall, breaking many valuable antiques. Which is why it's a good thing that I'm not.


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