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I saw this place a while back, in fact I think I might have told you. [ profile] snarfywarning, this one's for you!



This Mexican place is just down the street, and makes me think of you every time I see it. :)
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On February 26th I discovered Rock Band at River Gods - and the world would never be the same.

I had never heard of Rock Band, and I had never heard of River Gods. I just went because it was in Cambridge and closer to home then where I was at that moment. It was a very good decision.

I should probably write this entry when I'm more awake, but you probably don't want to read me wax poetic about the greatness of River Gods and their fab pagan meets gothic decor or the fact that Rock Band is the awesomest game ever and has inspired me to become a rock start all over again. Suffice it to say that it has been an awesome experience in Boston second only to my fab knitting friends.

I look like an alien, but you need to see the awesome new shirt I got...


It was my last night tonight, and it was so sad. But some of my rock band buddies who have the game at home are trying to make plans to hang out and play again before I leave. I hope it works out. :)
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Yes, Seattle has movies too. But it doesn't have [ profile] caflygrl and [ profile] orionnebula and occasionally [ profile] grateblue2, my Boston movie buddies. All three of which were with me tonight seeing The Dark Knight.


...and how could I not like a theater with flashing stars?

The theater in Fenway has played host to many memorable movie moments during my time in Boston. Hanging out with [ profile] orionnebula for hours beforehand when the last Harry Potter movie was released - we didn't need to, apparently everyone came to the later showings. The cute blond employee with the bouncy walk. Seeing Narnia *and* Indiana Jones. Sadly I think the Golden Compass was at a the downtown theater, but hey, this is the all movie post!

This theater isn't special for any particular reason, it's not The Coolidge. But it is conveniently located...

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In Davis Square there are a couple of coffee shops - Diesel is probably the most 'alternative' one. On Saturday I met [ profile] bryghtrose there for some chai, some knitting, and some photo booth action.* When I walked up (across the street, so as to have a better photo taking opportunity) she was standing out in front!


I think almost all the times I've been to Diesel have been with [ profile] bryghtrose - and sometimes with [ profile] polarg88 too I think. It's provided a good early morning meeting place for all of our adventures. :)

* I have a new obsession with old photo booths and [ profile] meli88 and I went to one in a coffee shop in Portland, but that's another story.
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Right next to the Boston Common you'll find the Public Gardens - complete with the island, pond, and statues from Make Way for Ducklings.


The ducklings in the aforementioned book come from this island, I believe.


I have no idea what all their names are.

The pond is home to ducks, swans, and (in the background) swan boats.


A nice place for a walk, even if they won't let you on the grass.
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Despite the fact that I really don't care about baseball, the Red Sox have been a big part of my Boston experience. And really, what could be more Boston than the Red Sox? I arrived in Boston just before they *finally* won the world series and "reversed the curse" - I was more concerned with the fact that I couldn't sleep because of the people honking outside my window all night.

Well today I *finally* got to go to Fenway Park and see a Red Sox game. Ages ago I won the lottery to purchase tickets to tonight's game against the Yankees and [ profile] orionnebula was nice enough to pretend to be me and buy the tickets. So tonight we went to the game. It was pretty cool except for the fact that the Yankees won. :(

I asked [ profile] orionnebula and she agreed that knitting before the game started was completely acceptable, so I did.

july08 064

We took advantage of the sign for a photo op with socks:


And then the game started. And this girl in front of us had this Madonna-head on a stick because apparently she and A-Rod had an affair or something, so we asked to borrow it and then the girl disappeared and we were left with the head for the rest of the evening.


It made us very very popular.
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Berklee School of Music - not to be confused with Berkeley, which is in California - is located right across the river and very close to Newbury St.

The old, classic side:


The new, modern side:


And there's also the human side. It makes the neighborhood full of college boys carrying guitars - but you can be pretty sure that they're really good at guitar.


You knew there was a reason I like Newbury so much...
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Last night when I was out with the yarners (including [ profile] theotheramanda who was in town!) I forced [ profile] grateblue2 to take pictures of the Granary Burial Ground downtown. Now with new and improved pictures!


Like I said, it's very historical:


And Paul Revere is there:


Unfortunately I don't have the pictures from her yet, so I'll have to recycle this old one:


I'm a fan of graveyards. It's not just a Boston thing, [ profile] chrssybr and I once walked up a huge hill on perhaps the hottest day of summer to visit the graveyard we could see from her dorm window at UW. We're clearly nuts.

Well, the little affection I had for graveyards really had a chance to blossom here in Boston. The graveyards here are just so much... cooler! Older, more historical, and honestly who can resist those old-style winged skulls on gravestones?

The Boston area has an abundance of really old gravestones which are endlessly fascinating to me. And a great many of them are on the Freedom Trail. I keep reminding myself that I need to get some more gravestone pictures before I leave Boston and return to the modern gravestones of the PacNW. Not half as exciting.
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Yeah, I know, Boston doesn't have a monopoly on thunderstorms. However, since I decided to move it seems that Thor has decided to take pity on me and come to Boston for a thunder-filled vacation so I can enjoy one my #1 type of weather all the time. The thunderstorms here are very different from the ones in Seattle - it's bolt lightning instead of sheet lightning and they come on and then leave very quickly, usually accompanied by pouring rain.

Thunderstorms are also very hard to take pictures of. Yesterday I was headed out to Allston to meet [ profile] kale_eater when it started raining hard:


That's the blue sky through the window of the T. Then our train stopped due to "power problems" and we all had to get off. And the sky went dark:


The thunderstorm was right overhead and quite impressive, even though I didn't manage to get any pictures. I should have taken a video so you could at least hear the thunder!

I found out much later that the "power problems" may have been due to lightning that struck the train power lines up the street a ways, although that also might have been after our train stopped as I did still see trains running the other way after ours was stopped and the thunderstorm seemed to be moving towards the place where the lightning struck, not coming from there.

In any case it was pretty impressive.
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It's not my favorite yarn store because I work there, I work there because it's my favorite yarn store. But regardless what order they go in, I really like A Good Yarn.


Working there has the desired effect of actually making me buy less yarn (I can visit it and thus my yarn lust is controllable) and giving me a good discount when I do.

Obviously knitting is a big part of my Boston-life, and this yarn store is a big part of that. It is one of the places I will really really miss - my fabulous coworkers included of course.
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Cornwall's was my favorite bar ever, until I found River Gods. But that is another story. But this story is about how I went there last night and didn't get home till after 1am and thus will be posting two AMoB posts today, but one later.

What makes a great bar for someone who doesn't drink?

Board games!


That's the solution (guessed by [ profile] orionnebula) to our game of Simpsons Clue. I was Smithers.

And evening of fabulousness was also made possible by.... crazy friends:


... and virgin Pina Coladas (not pictured). What a night.
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Magpie, in its second location, is one of my favorite stores in Davis Square.


Once upon at time I went to Bazaar Bizarre and saw the most awesome star bag at Magpie's booth, but decided not to buy it. I will probably regret that decision for a good long while - I even went to the store a day or two later but they didn't have it anymore. Sadly this happens fairly often with one or two of a kind things that they sell there. It's a great little shop for cute t-shirts and handmade goodies from plush cupcakes to jewelry to stationary and duct tape wallets.
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Yeah, I know that yesterday was a place in Davis Square, but today is Davis as a whole. Davis is actually the first place I ever went in Boston (technically Somerville) on my first day exploring. It was relatively useless that day since it doesn't have a grocery store or anywhere to buy sheets and towels, but it does have a bunch of little coffee shops and such.


Davis, like many of the "squares" in the Boston area, is not actually square. It is, in fact, a very odd shape which has been turned into a smiley character on t-shirts and such. Sadly I couldn't get a picture of one of those, but instead I got a picture of a street sign accurately depicting the traffic mess that is Davis "Square":


I was standing in the blob between Holland St. and College Ave. when I took the first picture.
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Today I met up with [ profile] polarg88 for some knitting at Mr. Crepe - a tradition we discarded a while ago but brought back for tonight.

Once upon a time I went to a knitting group in Harvard Square at Peet's Coffee. It was a great group and I eventually convinced her to start coming. Peet's was pretty crowded, but manageable, until they removed a large pew-like bench which was falling apart. Then there were no seats. We switched to Mr. Crepe.


Mr. Crepe is in Davis Square in the old location of Someday Cafe. It's pretty awesome.


I don't know if there's a better way to spend an evening.
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The Coolidge is an awesome movie theater in Coolidge Corner, my old neighborhood! I have many fond memories of it during my time in Boston - from the Buffy Singalong - also a picture there of the sign lit up - to seeing some strange movie there with Brit to seeing Brokeback Mountain with [ profile] orionnebula and an entire theater of gay men... Anyway, it's great.

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If you want to get out of Boston for the day but you don't have a car, the Harbor Islands are perhaps the best place to go. For about $10 for the ferry you can transport yourself to a few different islands - the main one being George's Island complete with an old fort (Fort Warren).


Sadly I haven't been there this year, so I stole these pictures from [ profile] grateblue2 from when we went last year. I need to go again before I leave Boston.

When we went there was an interesting art installation - this strange plastic structure - inside a random munitions building which we were very excited about.


On that trip we also visited Bumpkin Island which has the ruins of a old hospital - [ profile] grateblue2 was sad to discover that "ruins" meant "pile of bricks". But it also had crabs!

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Lorem Ipsum is a neat used book store in my neighborhood.

lorem ipsum

I like it because of the name, because of the books, and because of the egg machine.

There is a machine where one can buy little eggs - the plastic Easter egg type - that are filled by other people who visit the bookshop. There is an "egg production" station where you can take a plastic egg and put in whatever you want, then add it to the machine where someone else can buy it for $0.25. I think it's one of the more awesome things I've ever seen.
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Yet another place on Newbury Street.


I have a lot of favorite places on Newbury - on the end closer to the common it's very posh and not my style at all. Pretty much anything before Copley is happily infested with tattooed bike messengers and people with lots of piercings. Espresso Royale is a great place to get some coffee, a bagel sandwich, or some vegan baked goods and sit down with a good book (or scientific journal article!). That is, if you can find a table.

Speaking of the tables... they're painted. Or otherwise artworked into oblivion.

And the barristas? Cute tattooed biker boys - same goes for many of the customers. They also make good jokes about vegan muffins and comment on Nine Inch Nails lyrics. See, told you it was my kind of place!
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When I first went to the Boston Public Library - actually the first few times over about 2 years - I only went in the old part. The old library has beautiful architecture, a courtyard, artwork, exhibits, and an amazing reading room. It also doesn't really have books. I was really confused about where the books were until one day I decided to go ahead and embarrass myself and ask [ profile] orionnebula - turns out there's a newer section with a separate entrance. You *can* get there through the main entrance, but only if you know how to wind your way through the labyrinth-like corridors.


The library is a beautiful building and has these amazing lights on the front that I am totally obsessed with. Something to do with my love of metalwork and filligree I think. In any case, they are probably my favorite part of the library - books and all. ;)

The also had a pretty awesome exhibit of old aerial maps drawn in the late 1800s and early 1900s which I saw.
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Tonight I went to Trident - a bookstore-slash-cafe on Newbury St. - to knit with [ profile] caflygrl and [ profile] orionnebula. I believe that I actually met them at Trident - and I know I met [ profile] grateblue2 there. The three of us met because of a knitting group that used to meet at Trident (and then a few other places) and "the yarners" as they're affectionately known have made up a good part of my social life, both knitting and non, for a few years now.


They also have killer breakfast burritos. :)
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