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I was having a conversation yesterday about a moment in *your* musical history that shaped where you are today. I was thinking back, and here's mine:

When I was quite young - perhaps 13 - in any case it was before my dad moved to Israel, I went with my dad and my sister over to his friend Debbie's house. Debbie has a son named Alex who is about a year younger than I am. Alex was more into rap, and I was just starting to stray from the rap / hip hop / whatever genre that was so popular at the time and tend more towards alternative.

For Christmas Alex had gotten a couple of cassette tapes - bands which at this point I hadn't heard of - but he thought I might like them and gave them to me. The weren't his kind of thing. Apparently whoever bought them (I think his dad) had asked someone at the store what teenagers listen to these days and came up with the following:

Ten by Pearl Jam
Core by Stone Temple Pilots

It was a sort of musical awakening for me. Here was something much different from the Snoop Dog my sister liked and the Coolio that everyone was singing along with. I was hooked.


Jan. 27th, 2008 11:19 pm
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I have this compilation from Revolution Records. The now-dead label released it in '95 or '96 I'm assuming - I got it in the summer of '96 right before starting my freshman year of high school.

The compilation has tracks from Letters to Cleo, Wakeland, Lotion, Super Deluxe and one song called "Discover" which doesn't come up in ID3 tags with an artist. I can't find any info about this compilation anywhere. The disc itself is black (I still have it which is how I know it is real!) and it came in a cardboard slipcase which I'm sure I lost somewhere in 1996 and will thus never be found again. It's a wonder I still have the CD!

It is driving me absolutely up the wall trying to figure out who this last song is by - it is obviously an artist that was on Revolution Records at around that time and may or may not have ever released anything that got any notice.

I've tried googling everything I can think of - the names of the bands in combinations, lyrics from the song itself, Revolution Records with names of an artist or two, all to no avail.

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I just heard tonight that Kirby is dead. He got sick in April and died.


He was a great fish, and I often wondered about his fate. And now I know. It's sad but in a way it gives a sort of closure, I don't have to wonder about him anymore.
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On being "metal"...

I would definitely consider myself metal, much more so than punk or goth or whatever else outside observers might categorize me. Although nowadays when I'm not wearing band t-shirts every day (only on weekends) they might not try to categorize my musical taste at all!

I'm a nice person, I'm friendly. Rarely violent (and I'm a vegetarian for goodness sake!) I'm physically pretty small and not intimidating, and I look really... normal. But, as someone told me recently, "it's proof that metal is on the inside". Very true.

Although I listen to a wide range of music from alternative to punk to prog to rock to metal, there is something about really heavy stuff that makes me feel oddly happy. I find it almost vaguely amusing. Is it because I don't take it seriously? No, not really.

Although Growl Karaoke is hilarious. And back in the old skool days it wasn't on YouTube. ;)
Cradle of Filth always gives me a laugh because it makes me think of the video where they're all coming in in the beginning and it shows their boots and Dani is probably about my height and has these huge platform soles on his boots...

Anyway, back on topic:

I don't think I can really explain it. I know it's supposed to be angry, but I hear the double kick double bass drums and heavy guitar riffs and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. (I know, I'm weird.)

I've been going back to my musical roots lately, as I alluded to in an earlier post, and have recently been listening to In Flames. I don't think I could ever really love them because they don't have great vocals - the vocals are really important to me which is why I have such a deep love for Opeth, Amorphis, and Katatonia. But anyway, In Flames, *awesome* guitar work. I know now why Robb loved them so much - funny I never really 'got' it at the time, but listening to them on my iPod in the T station the other day on the way out to Rachel's I was suddenly struck by the really amazing guitar playing they've got going on.

And then there's this sudden urge I've gotten for the Beauty In Darkness compilation (Volume 1, of course!) which kind of got the whole thing started.
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As you probably read earlier, I recently decided that I needed to be spontaneous.

Randomly my neighbors are playing and loudly singing Hey Jealousy at 1:17am. Interesting.


Part 1:
Right, so Thursday I had an unexpected bit of spontaneous fun when Rachel called me during my lunch break and asked if I wanted to hang out that evening. I said yes and called her after work and decided I would head out to her neighborhood. After arriving at her house we made some tortellini (yum!) and then proceeded to do... not much. But in a good way! She gave me a gift of yarn which I gladly cast on on some borrowed needles since I had left my knitting at home and we watched CSI with her roommate and then part of Dodge Ball, and then I came home. Overall a nice evening.

Part 2:
Tonight I had my planned spontaneity (an oxymoron, I know) with Betsy. when I returned from my presentation at work I found a few emails planning our whole evening - we would go to Cambridge 1 for pizza and watch the Sox game. Not exactly what I call spontaneous, but it worked I suppose. Well, turns out we got a taste of real spontaneity when I got a text from [ profile] grateblue2 asking if we wanted to go out to the Top of the Hub for dessert and drinks later in the evening. So [ profile] caflygrl, [ profile] orionnebula, Betsy and I headed to Cambridge 1 as planned (potato pizza, yum!) and then [ profile] orionnebula and I headed over to meet at the Pru while the other two went home to watch the Sox. We had an interesting evening, and the 2nd part was *definitely* not something I would have expected.

Part 3:
Today I was contemplating what "spontaneous" meant to me in the past - basically I decided that planning a time wasn't against the 'rules' because the reason it worked back in the day was because Robb and I had a standing date with Dan on Fridays for a couple of years. When that fell through it was a standing date with [ profile] hibrian which, in my opinion, was even better.

As to the activities we did, they were many. I remember a lot of going to Blockbuster and endlessly contemplating which movie to rent, watching Black Adder or Jack of All Trades or The Prisoner, hanging out in the graveyard, midnight runs to Krispy Kreme, going to Denny's or Sheri's, or just hanging around Dan's watching the boys play video games in the basement. Of course there were occasional strange things as well - such as the time Dan made a paper replica of Fantoft Church and burned it - there may have been Lego figures involved - or the time Angela decided to teach me to do makeup by demoing on Dan while I put makeup on Robb.

Good times!
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Write about one of (or some of!) the things you did wrong when you were a kid.

I'd like to think I was a pretty good kid, but here are a couple things I can think of:

When I was really little - I think about one - I locked myself in the bathroom alone with the water running. Of course I don't remember this, but my mom told me. She called my dad at work and he told her to get an ax and chop the door down. :) Luckily I managed to open it before that was necessary.

When I was about 6 or 7 I was camping with my dad and sister on Whidbey Island. Gina and I decided to sleep in the tent by ourselves while my dad slept in the car. We giggled until it was pretty late and the flashlight went dead. Then we went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and Gina wasn't there! And I didn't have a flashlight! I went out to the campsite where there were a few embers left on the fire. My dad always told us not to touch the fire, but it was dark and I was scared so I threw a small stick on. Then I got worried that I would get in trouble so I threw water on it. I went and knocked on the car window and my dad let me in. For years afterwards I wouldn't go camping on Whidbey Island because I was afraid that my dad would somehow find out about the stick I threw on the fire (years later? I guess through forensic evidence ;) ) and that I would get in trouble.
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I've arrived in Seattle! (Last night, actually)

I got to the airport, got through security, and then was on the phone with a friend when I heard them start to talk about someone flying to Seattle on my flight (that would be me, I was supposed to transfer in NYC.) So I walked up to the counter and the ticket agent asked if I'd mind switching to fly through Salt Lake City instead, 1st class, and arrive at about the same time. Um, of course not!

So I had a 1st class airplane adventure - I've never flown 1st class before, it was yummy!

Here's the yarn I brought with me on the trip, cuz you know, I must knit constantly.

And here's the house (in West Seattle) where I lived when I was really little.

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Image hosted by

That's me and Pete Steele, from Type O Negative, for those of you who don't know. It was in high school sometime, probably the end of junior or beginning of senior year judging from the hair.


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