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My interview on Wednesday went well and I got an email about another job prospect, so hopefully I'm on the way to being here permanently.

The promised snowstorm made it to Seattle last week, well slightly. Where I was there was about 1/2", although other parts of the city and surrounding areas got more. But even early Sunday morning the roads were ok. Today it is just cold and sunny and beautiful, almost in a Boston sort of way.

I'm taking the train down to Oregon to start the holiday festivities with the family. It seems that Oregon got hit with the snow much worse than Seattle did, and there's still snow, including about 3" of iced over stuff on the roads.

My Seattle trip was more successful this time, I got to see a few friends and do a lot of fun activities and meet some newer friends as well. I was killing time in Weaving Works while hanging out in the U-district and ran into a girl I know from sock camp two years ago, which was unexpected but lovely. She was one of my favorite people from camp, and didn't make it this year and probably won't make next year either.

Then while wandering downtown with my aunt yesterday I ran into a fellow Terry 10 inhabitant from the college days. I haven't seen or spoken to her in ages, but it was nice to get a chance to say hi.

And my aunt and I rode the carousel! I didn't get my favorite horse (black with a blue mane and tail) because some little 2 year old stole it out from under me ;) but I got to ride a purple horse so it was ok.

All in all a good trip up, and hopefully one I won't be having to make as a "trip" very soon.


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