Apr. 30th, 2008

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After a long day at work I headed out for some fab knitting with Cathy at the crepe place, then came back towards my neck of the woods for Rock Band at River Gods. Remember a couple months ago when I went and loved it and all that? Yeah, so I've been wanting to go again since that very night.

And tonight... I did.

While waiting for people I knew to show up I did my typical thing and started chatting with some boys. Three boys. Three boys from New Jersey. Somehow I became the singer for their "band" Jersey Dogs and we played In Bloom. Apparently I do a pretty mean job being Kurt Cobain.

Then some people I knew (and a bunch of others who I didn't know) showed up and I had a fab evening talking to everyone and singing along and other general awesomeness. This is my scene - too bad it's only once a month. :(
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Hmm, well I don't really have writer's block, but I saw this on a friend's journal so here goes...

I would have to say my friendliness. Now I think it's a good personality trait, but it does tend to get misinterpreted. I've gone on a few accidental dates and given people the wrong idea of my feelings about them. The truth is that I'm friendly to most people I meet, unless I have a reason to be otherwise. I don't usually.

Also - possibly because I'm so friendly - I also think that other people are friendly. This leads to me misinterpreting their actions, mostly in the direction of "No, he doesn't *like* me, he's just being friendly!" So it's confusion all around!


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