Feb. 29th, 2008

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On Tuesday I had one of the most fabulous days I've had in a long while.

It started after work (work was fine too, but nothing especially fabulous) when I went out to the Paradise in Allston for the Our Stage College Clash - a battle of the bands thing. Before it started I got the chance to try out Guitar Hero III, which I'd never even seen before. I was actually pretty good! I beat the guy who was MC for the night on my second song ever. It was a Yelp event and I met a really cool girl named Evelyn right when I got there, but she left early.

As the night progressed Roni, a girl I had met previously at a crafting event, came. About that time some people came over and asked if I was going to River Gods - I had no idea what that was but it was in Cambridge and relatively close to where I live so I decided to go along. One of the best decisions, perhaps of my life.

River Gods was probably the first time I've ever really felt comfortable in a bar. It was obvious from the moment we walked in that it was my kind of place - it's a rock bar and that night they were having Rock Band (basically a souped up version of Guitar Hero with vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.) I had tons of fun. "Bands" were playing songs and most people in the bar were singing along to such things as El Scorcho, Creep, and other fabulicious rockin' songs.

I was saying something to Roni about how I wanted to sing Black Hole Sun and one of the guys from the Yelp crew said he'd play guitar and went and signed us up - we just needed to find a drummer and a bassist. Well as we were saying that two random guys standing next to us said they would. (Very close next to us, it was a super crowded bar.) And so we did. Well, sort of. While we were waiting some other "band" did Black Hole Sun rather amazingly and not wanting to sing something that had been done already I perused the list quickly and came up with Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars, which none of my "band" had ever heard. Luckily it really only matters that the singer knows the song as the musicians get something rather akin to tab to show them what to play. And play we did, and we did really well. :D

So long story short I kind of want to go live at River Gods because I have decided that it's the coolest place ever.


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