Jan. 22nd, 2008

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I've been really antsy lately, coming up with all sorts of plans for new knitting projects, self improvement, room organization, road trips, etc. I get this way sometimes, not content to leave my life the way it is and convinced that a change, any change, will help things.

I want to sew a Sally dress for Halloween. Cathy said she would help me. I want to go to XMortis on the Friday before Valentine's Day for a gothalicious night of, well, indulging my inner goth princess. I have decided I want to try out Cathy's dance class some Monday night. I want to travel to Europe (you know, in all my free vacation time after sock camp and the cruise to Alaska and my sister's wedding...)

And I still want to move across the country, back to Seattle. While talking to my mom the other night she even told me she has lots of time off this year and would be willing to fly over and rent a U-haul and drive back with stuff and kitties. I might just have to take her up on that offer.

Is it the new year that makes me restless this way? I'd say so (yeah, last year I was going to IKEA to find ways to organize my underwear), but then again there was that whole thing in September. Maybe it's just getting older? I don't know and it's too late to start contemplating now.

In any case, I'm restless and ready for a change.


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