Jan. 20th, 2008

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I was a sophomore in high school then. I had met Robb but we hadn't started dating, and on Martin Luther King Jr. Day I went to MI to Maya's house. Though I was living in Renton and at Hazen my heart was still on the island.

That year I went to Maya's house on my day off of school and we dyed my hair black. Black #1 Gothtastic black. It wasn't that much darker than my actual hair color at the time - my mom didn't notice til a couple of weeks later at Costco and claimed it was because our house had bad lighting. (It did, but I don't think it was quite that bad.)

A few days afterward I was walking my usual route home from school and met Jay and his sister who claimed they hadn't ever seen me before. I told them I was pretty sure they had, they said they would have noticed. It had to be the hair, I watched them walk home ahead of me almost every day.

I wonder sometimes about my then-self. If I could go back to that time and tell myself something what it would be and if I would do it at all. Because there was a lot of stuff I wish I would have known, part of who I am now is a result of all of that. And what fun would life be if we weren't just living it on the fly?

I think it all ended relatively well anyway, at least so far.


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